Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Tomasz Grumowicz
ul. Jaśkowa Dolina 81
80-286 Gdańsk

tel: + 48 (0) 606 239 240
fax: + 48 58 301 66 99
e-mail: kancelaria@grumowicz.pl
Welcome to the website of the law office Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Tomasz Grumowicz.

Our objective is to support our customers by seeking optimum and comprehensive legal solutions.

We are involved in legal services to companies and private individuals, including foreign entities. We aim at the provision of comprehensive legal counselling in relation to commencing and pursuing business in Poland, to various investment projects and to participation in international trade.

The following are among the issues covered by counselling and support offered by our Office:
  • formation of companies, branch offices and agencies, including joint ventures with foreign capital and branch offices of foreign companies,
  • company transformation processes (mergers, divisions and acquisitions),
  • investments,
  • law of contracts,
  • civil and commercial litigation, representation in negotiations, in arbitration, insolvency proceedings and in proceedings and procedures before public administration bodies,
  • labour law (including issues related to the free movement of workers within the territory of the European Union as well as in-house sources of labour law),
  • domestic and international trade (recognising international contracts and agreements as well as the laws of the European Union),
  • real estate,
  • insurances and social security,
  • taxes,
  • winding up businesses.
We serve our customers in Polish, German and English.
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